Terminal text effect by Tobias on CodePen
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Thanks Tobias for his terminal text effect which customizes 404 and 500 pages.

Frogs image by Andy from Pixabay
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Image by Andy from Pixabay

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Thanks Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hi! My name is Sara and I am a web developer. I am a tech enthusiast and in my free time I love exploring what can be done with the latest technology. In recent times, I've begun to discover the world of hybrid apps and HTML5-based game engines. I enjoy writing and I also believe that passing on knowledge is really important: on this website you will find everything I have discovered about these technologies, starting from tutorials to real examples of hybrid apps released on the Google Play Store.

Check out my tutorials and let me know on Instagram or Twitter what you think!

Facondia Games tutorials
Facondia Games tutorials

Check out my tutorials about indie game development with the Excalibur engine.

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I've developed a few games and hybrid-apps, from a bookmarks saver to a didactic game about Morse code.

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My blog about indie game development and tools.

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